By Rebekah Warren 

God’s role in the politically charged topic of social justice was the focus of the opening session of Trevecca’s Compassion and Justice Conference.

The conference, hosted by the J.V. Center for Social Justice, includes several speakers on issues ranging from caring for the environment to sex trafficking. The goal is to education and equip local justice workers.

Tim Green, university chaplain, presented the first session, exhorting the audience to view social justice as a biblical mandate.

“The whole of Christian scripture boldly insists that justice roll like a river, righteousness like an ever flowing stream,” said Green.

He emphasized the character of God, who he perceives as being founded on deliverance and determined to set the world free.

“God does not stop at deliverance from slavery,” said Green. “But is determined to bring [people] into vitality.”

He discussed the context in which the scripture was written and helped to explain the differences between modern day America, and ancient Israel.

“He specified that an orphan can have still have parents and a widow can still be married,” said Amber Donat, an Environmental justice major.

Green concluded his message by addressing the potential of the audience.

“He defined power as the capacity to act and then gave a definition of all the people who are the closest to God’s heart,” said Ericka Furnish, a Social Justice minor. “We do not only have the capacity to act but [the capacity] to empower [others] to have a voice, to give a voice to the voiceless. “

The Compassion and Justice Conference will continue through Wednesday and into Thursday morning.

Compassion and Justice Conference Schedule

Wednesday, February 17th 

8:30a.m. Doors Open

9 a.m. General Session with Tom Nees

10 a.m. General Session with Bob Broadbooks

11:30a.m. Lunch Break

1 p.m. & 2 p.m. workshops

3 p.m. General Session with Cosmon Mutowa

Thursday, February 18th 

8:30a.m. Doors Open

9 a.m. General Session with Larry Bollinger

10 a.m. General Session with Gary Morsch



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05/03/2017 8:28pm

We must be compassionate to other people. Let's not be selfish that all we think is no other than ourselves. I know all of us need self-love, but let us also consider loving our neighbors as much as we love ourselves. We must show sympathy to our fellow, especially when they are in a need. Christ is the perfect example of being compassionate. He cares for all people.

11/04/2016 2:05am

I wish I could visit this conference and meet you there. I am sure it was a great event.

02/18/2017 3:24am

I think that God has no role in politics or in economy. I can't imagine how he can influence that))

03/01/2017 8:19am

I hope to see you soon with a new preaching. Kicks off)) Well said.


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