By Rebekah Warren 

More than 12 million people have benefitted from the work of Nazarene Compassionate Ministries (NCM) in Africa, the NCM coordinator in Africa told attendees of an on-campus social justice conference.

Rev. Cosmos Mutowa, the coordinator for NCM in Africa and a Global Missionary with the Church of the Nazarene, spoke at Trevecca’s Justice and Compassion Conference on current needs and the response of the Nazarene church.

Mutowa discussed the responsibility of Christians to be Christ-like in their empathy and question the dichotomy of self-serving sanctification.
“I loved his idea of holiness,” said Clare Cole, a social justice major. “Holiness without compassion is not holiness that God loves.”

Mutowa provided an overview of NCM’s specific approach to various issues including AIDS prevention and care, disaster relief, and child development.

“Give a man a fish you feed him for a day. Teach him to fish and you feed him for a lifetime,” said Mutowa, quoting the well known adage. “We strive for self-sustainability.”

Mutowa hopes to build bridges between people, between people and the environment and between people and God, creating a strong support system that leads to healthy independence.

The undercurrent throughout the talk was one of encouragement. Primarily, encouragement for those who care about the plights of injustice and wonder how the Church of the Nazarene is contributing to crises around the world in a Godly and life-giving way.

“The Church of The Nazarene has been committed to raising up leaders throughout the world but not being colonialist about it,” said Dr. Tim Gaines, assistant professor of Religion. “There is an African leading African ministries and that often does not happen.”

Advancing the global nature of the church is no small feat, and despite the ever-present challenges of injustice, Mutowa’s ministry is founded on a central idea.

“We want to love and value people,” said Mutowa. “ We want to love and value them the way God loves and values them.”



I have a friend who lives in Africa. She keeps telling me a story about Africa. I’m starting to like her story. I wish that I can go to Africa. I plan to go there to have a visit to my uncle. He is currently working in Africa. He is an accountant there. I love his attitude in working. I’ve always wanted to become a CPA in the future. My friend who lives in Africa is a true friend. She always by my side, whenever I’m down. She’s from Africa and I am from New York. I thank God to have her in my life.

02/07/2017 1:35am

Social injustice and inequality are still the major challenges in African nations. Despite of having a wonderful biodiversity, it still faces its major problem since then. The reason for me, why Africa is still the number one poorest nation on Earth is because powerful countries and even corporations control them. For them, these African people are their main source of cheap labor. That's why injustices and inequalities still exist in their land.

06/22/2017 8:38pm

It pains me to see that these people are going over the boundaries of the people of Africa. Injustice happens because these people have no idea what boundaries are. Boundaries are people's limitations. Everyone has it. It means that you should not push people to go out of their boundaries because they are not comfortable with this idea. It also means that you should not cross the boundaries that these people have created because there is this thing called privacy. Privacy is important to boundaries. It guarantees that one's boundary will not be crossed. Respect other people's boundaries and expect yours to be respected too. It's a matter of give and take situation.

This really opened my eyes to help people in whatever circumstances. We should always be fair to our community and to our people no matter what. Because this not just make us a better man, but it also makes the community better. Being fair to people teaches them to be generous. I hope that this post would be spread across the internet so that people would be aware of the current situation that we are facing.

Countries today are facing the same problems and that is unequal treatment. It's sad how the government so selfish when it fares to people who needs more attention than the one that can be fixed easily. I can't convey how they just pass through the problem of poverty and other problems of the country. I am praying that someday someone who holds gold in his or her heart to people who really are in need of attention will be elected. I can choose how people treat them as trash, because we are made equal.

10/24/2016 2:12am

What should be done to stop it? How can I help you with that?


I simply want to love and value people. Not because of God. I want that!

12/26/2016 12:08am

A nation can only achieve real and substantive justice if they acquire a decent standard of living. Injustice will continue to spread if the people are invigorated with uneasiness due to an indecent lifestyle. For Africa, I think it should focus in making its economy better. If people are living a comfortable life, they will be more satisfied with where they are at. If they are at such situation, then they would not need to do anything that will hurt other parties.

01/29/2017 4:11pm

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