By Abigail Duren

Dr. Gary Morsch, founding donor of Trevecca’s J.V. Morsch Center for Social Justice, spoke on “The Power of Serving Others, You Can Start Where You Are” at the Compassion & Justice Conference on campus Thursday.

He posed the question, “so what do I do now?” to the audience in the conference, exploring the ideas of how we can exhibit justice to a world corrupted by injustice.

“We have to know the mission,” said Morsch. As the church, we have to learn and understand what our mission is as believers, as a church, as a university. We are all called to the ministry.

“In my day, I thought ministry was for professionals. I thought it was for the pastors and the teachers,” said Morsch. But we are all equipped as Christians to minister on a daily basis.

Morsch said that we have to think global, but act locally. We can look ahead to the world and other countries, but understanding the need in our own communities is just as crucial.

Morsch is the son of J.V. Morsch, the namesake of our social justice center, and Dr. Gary Morsch shined a light on his father’s ministry to local communities in need when he was a young man.

Morsch quoted former Trevecca president Mark Moore, saying, “Do what you can with what you have where you are.” And Morsch added an ending word: “Now.”



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Thats is absolutely right Morsch is the son of J.V. Morsch, the namesake of our social justice center, and Dr. Gary Morsch shined a light on his father’s ministry to local communities in need when he was a young man.


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