By Jess Plyler

Jess Govern left her heart in Greece and this fall, she went to go find it. 

The Trevecca 2016 alumnus was one of the few students selected to aid in the Syrian refugee crisis this past summer. 

She returned at the end of July and began working like any other college graduate, but by October, she was back on a plane to Greece.

Last summer, her team, made up of 10 students, left three days after graduation. Although the trip had unexpected turns at nearly every corner, Govern fell in love with the place. More importantly, she fell in love with the people she met. 

Govern says that her team was originally assigned to serve in Serbia, but things didn’t go as planned. The team was told that they were being redirected to Greece when they arrived at the airport for departure. 

The team worked in several different camps throughout the summer, teaching English and helping with whatever needed to be done at the time. 

 “It was a lot of willingness. We would show up and say, ‘Hey, we speak English and have two hands. What can we do?’” Govern said.

The refugees that Govern encountered in her three months overseas had a life changing impact on her. Upon returning to the States near the end of July, Govern said she had a difficult time getting back into the swing of American life. 

“It’s really hard to do refugee relief work from America. I’m still grieving with them, just 5500 miles away,” Govern said. “I’m trying not to be super disheartened by America’s response to the crisis, but to be informational and speak light into those things.” 

She said she wishes that others around her better understood the gravity of what is happening. Govern described the current situation as the largest humanitarian crisis of our time. 

“Journalists are describing it as a death camp. They are using descriptions to make it seem like the Holocaust on purpose. We hear the numbers a lot and we are quick to generalize, but that’s dangerous because it dehumanizes and devalues people.” 

According to Mercy Corps senior team leader Javier Alvarez, the refugees bring a sense of hope to their newfound lands. 

“We see many middle-class Syrians, especially youth, who want to contribute. They want to finish their studies, pursue further education, or start working as they did back in Syria. We see a lot of professional dentists, teachers, and doctors — these refugees are trained and they can contribute.” 

Govern echoed Alvarez, urging her peers to see refugees as people before labeling them. 

“All they are asking for is their literal human right for safety, but they are being met with hostility and violence. Remember people as people. They are fathers and mothers and sons and daughters and they each have a story to tell you. I was lucky enough to sit in a lot of tents and hear a lot of stories.” 



12/14/2016 7:48am

Jess Govern is a living proof that behind all bad things that are happening around the world, there are still people with a genuine hearts who are more than willing to offer themselves to serve. Not all people nowadays have than willingness to live for others. It's really obvious that she left her heart in Greece to do her part not just as an American, but as a person. How I wish many people would choose a path just like what Govern chose.


Humanitarian work is almost like a volunteer work. You need to have your full heart and mind in service to help people. The responsibility attached to it is great that one should have the willingness to do it. Like her, she sees the refugees as people who can still contribute to the society. Unlike those living the good life, they think refugees should be dehumanized or left out. It’s true that most first world countries are not doing anything to respond to the needs of these people facing the war. Reality bites, it is really disheartening at the moment.

02/13/2017 8:47pm

After reading your article, I can say that it touched my heart. I am amazed as to how you narrated the story of Trevecca. I admire her will to help in the Syrian refugee crisis. I can say that she really has a good heart and will be able to bless several people. Her spirit of volunteerism is admirable. I believe that she will be able to help more people in the future. I am wishing her well and I hope that she will be able to achieve all of her goals in the future.

07/02/2017 9:31pm

Nowadays, help seems to be like an endangered specie. If we would look for 10 people and observe who among them will help a beggar in the street, just 4 of them would do so. Though society runs much of opportunities and strengths today, still weaknesses and threats are also on the way of the two. That is why many people of today think just about themselves and neglect other people as long as they are surviving in their own. But Jess Govern is an exemption. He is one of those 4 out 10 people who would choose to lend help even at his expense. A good heart is always the basis of blessing. If you are after other people's welfare, the Lord will give you more than you expect.

03/01/2017 8:07am

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