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Trevecca Chapel Celebrates Past Mission Trips

Posted by admin October - 3 - 2012 - Wednesday ADD COMMENTS

By Brennen Finchum


Trevecca held its first chapel that was intended on looking at the mission trips that have already happened rather than simply promoting upcoming trips.


“The purpose was ultimately to celebrate what’s happened this past year,” said Brent Tallman, director of campus spiritual formation.


6 current students and a Trevecca graduate told stories, expressed fears they had and how the trips affected them.


“What they [the native people] go through is way different than what you see on TV,” said Justin Ellison, a student at Trevecca.


Fear is a very real thing as students are embarking on their journey.


Katelyn Hays, senior, said she feared being trafficked for sex while she was on a summer-long trip in Bulgaria.


The students also experienced personal transformation.


“You discover new passions when you just go,” said Stephanie Sherwood, Trevecca graduate.


Not only did Sherwood discover a new passion, she decided to move to Croatia with Submerge, a 1-2 year post-graduate trip.


After the students were asked why they would encourage other students to go on a trip, Jeff Byler, senior said that it’s a once in a lifetime thing.


Trevecca offers three different types of trips: Encounter (short-term), Immerse (12 week summer trip) and Submerge (1-2 year post-graduate trip).


The application deadline for each of these trips is October 19. The applications can be found in the religion office located on the 3rd floor of McClurkan or on Trevecca’s website.


Tallman said that an application doesn’t mean you have to go, it just means you have an interest in going.