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Trevecca to host “Trade of Innocents” on monday

Posted by admin January - 25 - 2013 - Friday

By Brennen Finchum


The Center for Social Justice at Trevecca will be hosting the first Nashville-based screening of “Trade of Innocents,” a full-length drama-thriller about human trafficking.


The film is free and open to the entire Nashville community, with special invitations being

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extended to local Nazarene churches.


“I’d like to see 500-600 people there,” said Jamie Casler, director J.V. Morsch Center for Social Justice.


It will be held in the basketball courts of Trevecca Community Church at 6:30 PM and will be followed by a film forum with Christopher Bessette, screenwriter and director.


The film, starring Academy-Award winner Mira Sorvino and Dermot Mulroney, has a two-fold purpose:  to bring awareness to those who know nothing about human trafficking and to be used as a tool in promoting advocacy.


“Trade of Innocents is the fruit of ordinary people who found out about human trafficking and decided not to be overwhelmed, but instead to use what’s in their hands to come together and proverbially cross the street, reach out and make a difference and be like the ‘Good Samaritan,’” said Christine Caine, founder A21 Campaign.


Rated at PG-13, the film shows some of the traumatic realities of the sex slave industry.


“It is a compelling story and it does have a thread of hope through it,” said Rose Corazza, the film’s marketing director.


Even with the horrific crimes the film is portraying, it does not intend to leave its viewers emotionally overwhelmed, said Corazza.


She said some people have been inspired by it, some have appreciated the cultural perspective as it is set in Bangkok, Thailand, and others have left the film in anger and horror.


The film has been critically acclaimed by numerous sources.


“Trade of innocents does an incredible job of being a powerful, tense drama. This is an important movie and not only worth seeing but also entertaining,” said Movie Guide.


Not all critics were in favor of the film though.


“Aside from an additional 30 minutes or so of plot, “Trade of Innocents” offers no more than a middling episode of “Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,” said Farran Smith Nehme of the New York Post.


In the end, the “Trade of Innocents” team hopes to produce a successful film that did not just entertain people, but also inspired them, maybe even to take action, said Corazza.


To see the movie trailer, click here.

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