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Called to the Fire: Dr. Charles Johnson Receives Social Justice Award

Posted by admin February - 20 - 2013 - Wednesday

By Brennen Finchum

Trevecca commemorated Dr. Charles Johnson, a Nazarene pastor and civil rights activist with the third annual J.V. Morsch Center for Social Justice award for his advancement of social justice.


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Along with Johnson, Chet Bush, a Nazarene pastor and Trevecca alumnus was interviewed in chapel concerning Bush’s recently published book, “Called to the Fire: A Witness for God in Mississippi; the Story of Dr. Charles Johnson.”


Bush and Johnson answered questions as about 900 people listened. They shared about Johnson’s real experience of hesitantly answering the call to share the gospel in Mississippi during the early 1960s.


Johnson spoke of the fear that he felt as he was on his way to Mississippi. Yet the moment he set foot on Mississippi ground, he heard God’s audible voice say, “I am with you.”


Once he arrived, he was there to stay.


“The same thing it took to get me there way is the same thing it’ll take to get me out,” said Johnson.


They also answered questions concerning how the two ministers met and how Bush decided to write a book of his friends’ story.


Along with Johnson and Bush was the gospel choir from Johnson’s church in Meridian, Mississippi.



Johnson received multiple standing ovations, once when he was receiving the award, once as a thank you from Trevecca and the audience and once after he sang with his choir.



A recording of the service is available on Trevecca’s website under the Spiritual Life tab.


To read the full story of Dr. Charles Johnson, get “Called to the Fire.” It’s available on Amazon.com (from $12.69 for hardcover and $10.99 for Kindle), Barnes & Noble ($17.35) and a host of Christian bookstores.

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